Team Harrison and the Nuts Challenge


Young Harrison Lloyd has been battling uveitis for several years. Earlier this year, his family and friends set up Team Harrison and began fund raising for Olivia’s Vision. The team have now raised over £4,000.

Olivia’s Vision is once more humbled and grateful that a family, and their friends, living through the distress of this disease can throw themselves into such exuberant, muddy fund raising and donate a fantastic sum as a result.

Tanya Lloyd says,

“We started Team Harrison because we wanted to feel useful and to help OV. OV has supported us tremendously over the last few years as Harrison battles uveitis. We wanted to emulate the challenges he faces and overcomes every day.

We have raised over £4K now and know that every penny will be used by OV in supporting children and adults with this awful disease and we are so proud of OV in their challenging of NHS England’s decision to refuse funding for Humira and Remicade.”

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