Welcome to Olivia’s Vision

OV was established in 2010 to provide information, support and advice for anyone affected by uveitis.

Every year, an estimated 9,000 new case of uveitis are diagnosed in the UK, with uveitis now the third leading cause of AVOIDABLE blindness.

The OV website will see you through from diagnosis to treatment. Baffling medical terms are explained in the Glossary and the Helpline and email service are available for anyone to use.

Olivia’s Vision also looks to the future by raising funds to train new uveitis experts, specialist paediatric nurses and research regarding potential new treatments, so that one day, vision loss from uveitis is eliminated.

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Stopping Adalimumab Trial


A clinical trial to compare control of eye inflammation (uveitis) and arthritis in patients with JIA who stop adalimumab vs. continue adalimumab. Read more