Diversity Supports OV & Raises Awareness of Uveitis

Olivia’s Vision is delighted to announce that “Diversity” the UK’s favourite street dance group, has become our charity’s newest Patron.

Diversity member Ashley Banjo said: “We’re incredibly excited to become Patrons of Olivia’s Vision which is doing so much to help prevent avoidable blindness from Uveitis.”

Ian McNaughton added, “So many people have never heard of this destructive disease which affects adults and children.  We hope we can help increase awareness and in turn help people keep their sight.”

Diversity have already helped Olivia’s Vision raise thousands of pounds at our recent fundraising event, where they donated for our auction a street dance Masterclass.   The lucky winner and a group of their friends won the privilege of being taught a choreographed set of moves by Britain’s super talented dance group.

We would like to give Diversity a huge thank you for their support, and look forward to working with them to raise public awareness of uveitis.

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