So many people have been a fantastic support to us since those early days of diagnosis, and it goes without saying that we thank you all.

Family and friends have been everything from a shoulder to cry on to a source of laughter and amazing fundraisers!  Thank you.

Professor W Ayliffe: your medical advice and care has been exceptional.  Without your specialist wisdom we don’t dare consider what life today would be like.  We owe you more than we can ever say.

Professor Murray and Professor Dick many thanks for joining Professor Ayliffe on the Medical Advisory Board.

Dr Sarah Lotzof at Chase Lodge House Dedicated Doctors and Carl Woolf at Care Chemist also deserve acknowledgement for their role in this journey.  Thank you for your assistance and kindness.

To Maxine – without your input this website would be half finished!  Not only have you helped research and write documents, but you’ve made me roar with laughter all the way.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated.  Long Live OV!

Maxine would like to extend her thanks to Professor Ayliffe, Professor Murray, Mr Situnake and his rheumatology staff, Mr Sung and Jenny Hudson.

Aldenham School, Headmaster Mr. Whiskerd, together with Miss Fry and Mrs Hollis: we couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and understanding environment in which to educate our children.

To Brand Remedy, thank you does not cover all that you have done for Olivia’s Vision.  We are truly grateful for your designing and building the website, and for looking after us!  Long may we prosper!

To Julian Posner and Banana Split, thank you for donating your time to organise what is sure to be an amazing event.

Robert Shack of RGS Photography, many thanks for giving up your time and studio to take the beautiful photos for the website.

Thanks to Minna Basuta and Tony Prudence together with all at Memery Crystal LLP for your support and legal advice.

The biggest credits of all go to our darling children:

Sebastian, your sweet and generous nature has at times been tested to the hilt,  yet you’ve never so much as lifted an eyebrow!  We love you very much.

Last but by no means least –  Olivia.  You continue to fight this battle like a champion.  We’re so proud of you and the way in which you have refused to let this disease define you.  One day, may you look back on this chapter of your life with quiet eyes.  We love you x

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