The journey travelled by a chronic uveitis sufferer rarely feels straightforward. The new medical vocabulary and different medical opinions can be baffling. Calculating which specialist and treatment to push for seems like a minefield.

Olivia’s Vision was established to help reduce the fears and anxiety we all experience from diagnosis onwards. Our website provides easy to understand uveitis information, including symptoms, tests, treatments, complications and medical research.

Being diagnosed with a sight threatening disease few people have heard of can be an isolating experience. With Olivia’s Vision you need not feel alone. We’ve created a community whereby you can contact other adult uveitis sufferers and the parents of paediatric sufferers on our Forums, via email or by calling our Helpline.

Furthermore, with the assistance of our Medical Advisory Board, Olivia’s Vision is looking to the future. We raise funds to train more uveitis specialists and lobby to get effective treatment for all sight threatened sufferers.

Uveitis is now the third leading cause of avoidable blindness in the UK. We intend to shout loudly, and continue to help prevent adults and children alike from losing sight needlessly.

Thanks for your support.

Nicola and Nick Davis