SEEK Trial

Will a diet and supplements improve rates of remission in children with JIA uveitis?

A new study seeks to answer this question and the researchers – SEEK – want to meet with focus groups of parents to make sure the trial they set up is manageable for the children and their parents.

The trial will run for two years. The children will make a few easy changes to their diet and take two dietary supplements in addition to their methotrexate and eye drops. The supplements already have medically proven benefits to the eyes. The diet is NOT a strict anti-inflammatory diet and details of it will be discussed with parents at the focus group meetings. SEEK want parents to feel it will be well worth making a few dietary changes in order to get children off methotrexate after 18 months and into remission!

If your child, aged between 2 and 18, has JIA uveitis and is being treated with methotrexate and eye drops, SEEK want to meet groups of you in London, Bristol and Sheffield. This is a long trial and they want your ideas to help them get the details exactly right for the children.

If you want to learn more and be in a focus group, please email with your name, your telephone contact number and the hospital your child attends for uveitis care. We’re sorry but the focus groups are only open to the parents of JIA children on methotrexate being treated in London, (Moorfields and GOSH) Sheffield and Bristol. Joining a focus group does not mean you are committing your child to being on the trial. That comes later.

The initial trial will run in Bristol, Sheffield and London. The trial is likely to be rolled out to at least 5 other uveitis centres, so if your child is treated elsewhere, drop us an email and let us know you’re interested in this study with the name of the hospital where your child is treated. We will pass your interest on to SEEK and your interest will help SEEK decide which other uveitis centres to include in their trial.